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  Spanish Language & Translation

Spanish to English Dictionary 1908
English to Spanish Dictionary 1902
Spanish to English Dictionary 1851
English to Spanish Dictionary 1802
Spanish English Dictionary 1800

Spanish English Tech Dict. 1920

Poco a Poco 1917
First Spanish Course 1917
A Spanish Grammar 1917
A Spanish Grammar 1915
Combined Spanish Method 1907
First Spanish Book 1906
A Spanish Grammar 1902
Grammar of Spanish 1847

Mexican Linguistics 1913
Spanish Conversation 1904
The Spanish Verb 1900

Industrial Spanish 1919
Commercial Spanish 1918
Spanish Commercial Corres. 1916
Spanish Commercial Reader 1914

Spanish Humor 1921
Spanish Reader 1920
Spanish Tales for Beginners 1919
Spanish Reader 1907

Spanish-American Life 1917

  French Translation Dictionaries

French & English Dictionary 1892
French & English Dict. 1884
English & French Dictionary 1880
French & English Dictionary 1876
Introduction to French 1856

  Italian Translation Dictionaries

Italian & English Dictionary 1901
Italian & English Dict. Meadows 1892
Italian Pocket Dictionary 1857

  Greek Translation Dictionaries

Greek & English Lexicon 1848

  Swedish Translation Dictionaries

English & Swedish Dictionary 1882

  Icelandic Translation Dictionaries

Icelandic & English Dictionary 1874

  Iranian Translation Dictionaries

English & Persian Dictionary 1882

  Armenian Translation Dictionaries

English & Armenian Dictionary 1869

  Russian Translation Dictionaries

English & Russian Dictionary 1895
Dictionary of Circassian 1877

  Pacific Translation Dictionaries

Hawaiian & English Dictionary 1865
Maori & Polynesian Dictionary 1891

  Philippine Translation Dictionaries

Tagalog-English Eng.-Tagalog 1904

  Japanese Translation Dictionaries

English & Japanese Dictionary 1904
Japanese & English Dic Hoffman 1881

  Chinese Translation Dictionaries

  Thai Translation Dictionaries

Thai & English Dictionary 1907

  Tibetan Translation Dictionaries

Tibetan & English Dictionary 1902

  India-Pakistan Trans. Dictionaries

Marathi & English Dictionary 1863
Dictionary of Lepcha-Language 1898
Tulu & English Dictionary 1886
Dictionary of Lushai 1898
English & Telugu Dictionary 1900
English & Telugu Dictionary 1900
Sanskrit & English Dictionary 1893
Dictionary of Sanskrit 1891
Hindustani & English Law Dict. 1879
English & Oordoo Dictionary 1852
Urdu & English Dictionary 1899

  Sri Lanka Translation Dictionaries

Anglo & Tamil Dictionary 1861
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Translation Experts provides translations to and from many more languages than other providers, including Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovenian, and Welsh.

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Note: On the results page, you can move and hold your mouse cursor over any word in a translated web page in order to see a pop-up window with alternative translations. works to and from English, Spanish, Portugese, German, French, Italian, and Norwegian (to English):

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Foreign Word is an automated translation portal with links to translation dictionaries on the Internet.
The also distribute a free downloadable PC translation assistant called "Xanadu" which allows you to access online automated translation, from any application on your PC, by selecting the passage to translate and pressing a key-combo. This works from the Internet, which is a bit slow.

Foreign Word's translation form works between 72 languages. Unfortunately it only works for 1 word at a time.

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imTranslator works to and from Afrikaans, Albanian, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and many other languages.

PROMT Reverso Online works to and from English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and many other languages.

The WorldLingo free online translator provides text, web page, or email language translations in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean.

Word Reference provides single word translations and a dictionary.
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  Other Translation Info Links

Yoyo Chinese Audio/Video Pinyin Chart
Chinese Grammar Wiki

Transparent Language offers a complete line of language learning software, including video, flashcard tools, translation dictionaries & reference sets, and audio courses.

BBC World Service: Learning English
Free Polish-English Translation
English-Hungarian Online Dict.
Translation Theory & Technology
Translation Journal
TravLang Translating Dictionaries
Langenberg Translation Tools
English-Metric Conversion Tools

  African Translation Dictionaries

Dictionary of Swahili 1882
Zulu & English Dictionary 1861

  American Indian Dictionaries

American Indian Lang. Boas 1922
Aleut & English Dictionary 1896
Dictionary of Choctaw 1915

  British Translation Dictionaries

English & Welsh Dictionary 1850
Scottish Etymological Dictionary 1880
Irish & English Dictionary 1864

  Multilingual Dictionaries

6-Language Tech Dictionary 1908
English-Germ.-French Tech Dic 1878
Glossary of Library Terms 1915

  Non-English Dictionaries

Bulgarian & French Dictionary 1871
Armenian & French Dictionary 1893

  Other Books on Languages

Principles of Grammar 1859

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