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Calendar History Philip 1921
Reform of the Calendar Philip 1914
Ancient Calendars Plunket 1903
Chronologies & Calendars
    Macdonald 1897
The Julian Calendar Packer 1893
Analysis of the Calendar Brady 1839

Universal Calendar Dubbaneh 1896
Cycle Calendar Griffith 1892
Perfect Calendar Fitch 1891

Nature's Calendar Ingersoll 1900
A Nature Calendar Thompson 1896
Calendar of Thought 1890
Shakespeare Calendar 1850

Mayan & Tzental Calendars
    Gates 1900
Ancient Mexican Calendar Nuttall 1894
Mexican Calendar Stone
    Salisbury 1879

Verifying Dates Bond 1889

Mysteries of Chronology
    Arbuthnot 1900
Calendar of American History 1884
Chronological Tables Reid 1883
ABC of Chronology Bayne 1880
Japanese Chronological Tables
    Bramsen 1880
Historical Chronology Hegewisch 1837
Preston's Complete Time Table 1834

Free Almanacs, American

Nast's Illustrated Almanac 1872
    art by Thomas Nast; articles by
    Mark Twain & Charles Dickens

North American Almanac 1922
Clifford & John's Almanack 1921
American Year Book 1917
Book of Almanacs Morgan 1907
American Almanacs, 1639-1800 1907

Old Farmer & Almanack Kittredge 1904
Billings' Farmer's Allminax 1870-79
Billings' Farmer's Allminax 1878
Farmer's Almanack R B Thomas 1841

Poor Richard's Almanac excerpts
Poor Richard's Almanack 1733-35

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