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  Free Stagecoach & Coaching Books (.pdfs)

A Manual of Coaching Rogers 1901
The Road Coach Guide 1895
The History of Coaches Thrupp 1877
The Book of Carriages 1853

Stage-Coach and Mail Harper 1903
Stage-Coach & Tavern Days Earle 1900
Stage Coach to Railroad Crocker 1900
Track of the Mail-Coach Baines 1895
Coaching Days & Coaching Ways Tristram 1893
Highways & Horses Maudslay 1888
The Coaching Age Harris 1885
The Delights of Coaching 1883
Road Scrapings: Coaches & Coaching Haworth 1882
Old Coaching Days Harris 1882
Coaching: Anecdotes of the Road Lennox 1876
The Traveller's Oracle Kitchiner 1827

Autobiography of a Stage Coachman Cross 1904
Driving as I Found It Swales 1891
Reminiscences of a Coachman Reynardson 1887

Journey to Ohio in 1810 Dwight 1913
15,000 Miles by Stage Strahorn 1911
NYC to San Francisco in 1859 Horace Greely 1860

Brighton & Its Coaches Blew 1894
Old Coaching Days in Yorkshire Bradley 1889
Mail & Stage Coaching in Britain Malet 1876

Mogg's Omnibus Guide & Metro Timetable 1848

  Free Carriage & Wagon Making Books

Timber for Carriage Building Maiden 1894
Coach Body-Making Philipson 1885
Ploughs & Wheel Carriages Small 1784
Treatise on Carriages Felton 1794
Carriages in the 1878 Paris Exhibition Saunderson
New York Coach Makers Magazine 1860
Draught Philipson 1885
Art of Coach Making Philipson 1885

  Free Steamboat & Steamship Books

P. & O. Pocket Book Peninsular and Oriental
    Steam Navigation Company
Handbook for Passengers Nippon Yusen Kaisha 1904
Official Guide & Album Cunard Steamship Co. 1877

Robert Fulton & the Clermont Sutcliffe 1909
Robert Fulton Thurston 1891
Life of Robert Fulton Knox 1886

John Fitch Navy League 1912
John Fitch, Steamboat Inventor Westcott 1857

Capt. Samuel Morey, Steamboat Builder Farrell 1915
Who Invented the Steamboat? Mowry 1874

Rumsey: Steamboat Inventor Beltzhoover 1900
Nathan Read: Multi-Tabular Boiler D Read 1870
Biography of William Symington Rankine 1862
Life of Henry Bell Morris 1844

Ocean Shipping: Steamship Operation Annin 1920
Steamship Coefficients... Fyfe 1920
Ocean & Coastwise USSIS 1918
Sail & Steam on the Niagara Cumberland 1913
Steamships and Their Story Chatterton 1910
Steam-Ships: Development Fletcher 1910
Island Steamers Turner 1910
Recollections of a Steamboat PilotMerrick 1909
Steamboat Days on the Hudson Buckman 1907
Clyde Passenger Steamers Williamson 1904
First Trans-Atlantic Steamer Walker 1898
Ocean Steamships Chadwick 1891
Improvements in Steamships Lundborg 1884
High Speed Steamers Willson 1866
LLoyd's Steamboat Directory 1856
The Steam-Boat Galt 1823

Truth About the Titanic Gracie 1913
Loss of the SS Titanic Beesley 1912
Unsinkable Titanic Walker 1912
Loss of the Steamship Titanic GB Court 1912
Titanic Disaster US Senate 1912

Great Eastern Visitor's Handbook Osbon 1860
The Great Eastern Steam Ship Webb 1857

  Free Steam-Navigation Books

History of American Steam Navigation Morrison 1908
The History of Steam Navigation Kennedy 1903
Steam Navigation & Commmerce Croll 1898
History of Steam Navigation Preble 1883
Origin of Steam Navigation Woodcroft 1848
Steam & Steam Navigation Russell 1841
Steam Navigation Rise & Progress Boyman 1840
Navigation by Steam Ross 1828

Principles of Ocean Transportation Johnson 1920
The Atlantic Ferry Maginnis 1900
Kara Sea Route to Siberia Kinloch 1898
History of North Atlantic Steam Navigation Fry 1896
Our Ocean Railways Fraser-Macdonald 1893
Steam to Australia Bogue 1848
Steam to South Africa, Australia... Jerningham 1848

Steam Navigation in New England Bradlee 1920
Sail & Steam on the Niagara River Cumberland 1913
Conquest of the Missouri Hanson 1909
Minnesota & Red River Steamboating Bell 1905
The Clyde Passenger Steamer Williamson 1904
Missouri River Early Steamboats Chittenden 1903
50 Years on the Mississippi Gould 1889
The Clyde from Source to Sea Miller 1888
Steam on the Erie Canal Boynton 1873
Navigation of the Lakes Johnson 1866
Canal Navigation Fairbairn 1831

  Free Merchant Marine Books

The Old Merchant Marine Paine 1919
American Merchant Marine Spears 1915
History of Merchant Shipping Lindsay 1876
History of Merchant Shipping Lindsay 1876

  Free Steam Engines Books

A Manual of the Steam Engine Rankine 1906
The Marine Steam-Engine Yeo 1894
Steamships and Their Machinery Haldane 1893
Engineering Precedents for Steam Machinery 1859
Marine Engines & Steam Vessels Murray 1858
Steam & Its Uses Lardner 1856
Elementary Treatise on Steam Otway 1837
The Steam Engine Explained Lardner 1836
The Steam Engine Partington 1836

  Free Transportation Books

Paths of Inland Commerce Hulbert 1920
Oxcart to Airplane Hunt 1919
Between Spain & the Indies Haring 1918
History of Travel in America Dunbar 1915
Transportation in Maryland 1720-1765 Gould 1915
Transportation in Europe McPherson 1910
Holiday Study of Cities and Ports Peabody 1908
Through the Appalachians Brigham 1907
The Cumberland Road Hulbert 1904
Evolution of Transportation Kirkman 1898
Primitive Travel & Transportation Mason 1896
Tramways: Construction & Working Clark 1878
Ancients in the Indian Ocean Vincent 1807

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