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1st Voyage Round the World Pigafetta 1874
Magellan Towle 1880
Life of Magellan Guillemard 1890

New Voyage Round the World Dampier 1699
Dampier's Voyages 1906
Drake, Cavendish & Dampier Johnstone 1831
Voyage Round the World Shelvocke 1726

Voyage by Captain Cook Rickman 1783
Life of Capt Cook Kippis 1788
Voyages of Captain James Cook v1 1842
Voyages of Captain James Cook v2 1842
Captain Cook's Three Voyages Low 1882
Journal of Capt Cook's First Voyage Banks 1896

A Voyage Round the World Turnbull 1805
Voyage Round the World Lisiansky 1814
Voyage Round the World Campbell 1817
Voyage Round the World Kotzebue 1821
Voyage Round the World Arago 1823

South Seas in the Vincennes v1 Stewart 1831
South Seas in the Vincennes v2 Stewart 1831

Journal... Voyage Around the World of HMS Beagle
    1831-36 Charles Darwin

Cruise of the Potomac Warriner 1835
Voyage of the Potomac Reynolds 1835

Voyage Round the World
    Ruschenberger 1835-37 USS Peacock

US Exploring Expedition
ships: Vincennes, Peacock,
    Porpoise, Relief, Sea Gull,
& Flying Fish
US Exploring Expedition 1838-42 v1 of 2 Wilkes
    Exped Cmdr
US Exploring Expedition 1838-42 v2 of 2 Wilkes
US Exploring Expedition 1838-42 v1 of 5 Wilkes
US Exploring Expedition 1838-42 v2 of 5 Wilkes
US Exploring Expedition 1838-42 v3 of 5 Wilkes
US Exploring Expedition 1838-42 v4 of 5 Wilkes
US Exploring Expedition 1838-42 v5 of 5 Wilkes

Voyage Round the World in the Columbia
    v1 Taylor 1840
Voyage Round the World in the Columbia
    v2 Taylor 1840
Around the World, East India Sq. USS Columbia
    v1 Burts 1840
Around the World, East India Sq. USS Columbia
    v2 Burts 1840

A Cruise on the Constitution:
    Around the World on Old Ironsides
Stevens 1904

Voyage of HMS Herald v1 Seemann 1853
Voyage of HMS Herald v2 Seemann 1853

Cruise of the Pearl Round the World Williams 1859

Log Letters from the Challenger Campbell 1877
Cruise of HMS Challenger Spry 1877
Naturalist on the Challenger Moseley 1879

Voyage in the Sunbeam Brassey 1879
The Last Voyage Brassey 1889
Travels of Lord Brassey 1862-94

Cruise of HMS Bacchante
    v1 Princes Albert & George 1886
Cruise of HMS Bacchante
    v2 Princes Albert & George 1886

Coronet Memories Neely 1899

Voyage Round the World T B Wilson
    wreck of convict ship Governor Ready 1835
Overland Journey Round the World Simpson 1847
Journey Round the World Gerstäcker 1854
Sketcher's Tour Round the World Elwes 1854
Lady's 2nd Journey Round the World Pfeiffer 1856
Reminiscences of a Voyage Davis 1869
Round the World in 1870 Carlisle 1872
Around the World Prime 1874
7 Months Around the World Brooks 1874
Dottings Round the Circle Curtis 1876
East by Way of West Marvin 1878
Round the World in 6 Months Bridges 1879
A Tour Round the World Corry 1879
Round the World in 124 Days Leyland 1880
Around the World Hendrix 1881
My Journey Round the World Jones-Parry 1881
New Way Round the World Coffin 1883
Round the World Martin 1883
An Engineer's Holiday Pidgeon 1883
Round the World Andrew Carnegie 1884
Sketches of a Tour Mozoomdar 1884
Tour of the World in 1884 Gorman
Due West Ballou 1885
40,000 Miles Vincent 1886
Tour Around the World Raum 1886
Trip Round the World Caine 1888
Winding Journey Around the World Wight 1888
Round the Globe McCollester 1893
Our Journey Around the World Clark 1895
A World-Pilgrimage Barrows 1897
Following the Equator Mark Twain 1897
Twice Around the World Twing 1898
Around the World Tupper 1898
1 Way Round the World Prentiss 1899

Around the World Via Siberia Senn 1902
Clear Round Wilson 1903
Round the World L S Smith 1904
Around the World with a King Armstrong 1904
Around the World Through Japan Del Mar 1904
Smiling 'Round the World Wilder 1908
California & Round the World Coffin 1908
Around the World on the Cleveland Frizell 1910
Journey Around the World Franck 1911
World Circuit Saunterings Nichols 1913
Round the World Baring 1914
Job to Job Around the World Fletcher 1916
Around the World in 1918 Doty 1918
Sailing Alone Around the World Slocum 1919
'Round the Round World Rader 1922
Aloha Around the World Vogel 1922

All English Voyages Round the World v1 Henry 1774
All English Voyages Round the World v2 Henry 1774
All English Voyages Round the World v3 Henry 1773
All English Voyages Round the World v4 Henry 1773
Travels Round the World Pagès 1793
Voyages Round the World Fanning 1833
Circumnavigation of the Globe 1837
Voyages Round the World Kippis 1843
Voyages Round the World 1520-1820 Prior 1844

  Free Books on Voyages & Travels (.pdfs)

Journey to the East 1253-55 Ruysbroeck
India in the 15th Century 1857
1st Voyage of Vasco da Gama 1497-99 Velho
Travels of Marco Polo 1852
Voyage Into the South Sea Hawkins 1593
Voyage to the East Indies van Linschoten 1598
Voyage of Pyrard to the East Indies 1611
Observations of Captaine John Smith

Voyage to the Pacific Beechy 1831
Rovings in the Pacific 1837-49 Lucett
A Cruise in the Pacific Aylmer 1860
Voyage to... Java Leguat 1891
Cruise of the Snark Jack London 1911
Log of the Snark Charmian London 1915
Two Years Before the Mast Dana 1911
Yankee in the Far East Allen 1916

Impressions of Australia Felix Howitt 1845
Melbourne & Chincha Islands Peck 1854
Early Voyages to Australia Major 1859
Australia Revisited Hughes 1891

Voyages of the Nemesis 1840-43 (China) Bernard
3 Years Residence in China W T Power 1853
China & Japan Voyage Lawrence 1870

Upper India Journey Heber 1828
Wall Street to Cashmere Ireland 1859

Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope v1 Sparrman 1785
Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope v2 Sparrman 1785
Travels in Southern Africa Thompson 1827
Voyage Up the Red Sea Irwin 1780
Travels in Egypt de Varthema 1863
Clapperton's Last to Africa 1830
Expedition to the Niger Allen 1848
Highlands of Ethiopia Harris 1844
Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia Baker 1868
1000 Miles Up the Nile Edwards 1890

Travels in Siberia Erman 1850
Early Travels to Russia & Persia Morgan 1886
Travels to Tana & Persia Barbaro 1873

Travels Over Mexico 1843-44 Gilliam
On the Mosquito Shore Squier 1855
Voyage to the Falkland Islands Pernety 1771
Voyage to Easter Island Gonzalez 1771
Voyage to South America de Ulloa 1807
Equinoctial Regions of America von Humboldt 1853
Brazil & the Brazilians Kidder 1866
Highlands of Brazil R Burton 1869
Voyages to the Straits of Magellan de Gamboa 1895

Voyage from London to Savannah Whitefield 1830
Atlantic & Transatlantic Mackinnon 1852
Voyages From Holland to America 1632-44
    de Vries 1853
Voyage to New York Danckaerts 1867
Wild Life in Oregon Hines 1889

Life of John Ledyard Sparks 1828
Life of Reginald Heber 1830
Life of George, Lord Anson Barrow 1839
Voyages of Capt Luke Foxe... 1894
Travels of Sir John Mandeville 1905

American Girl Abroad Trafton 1872
Lady's Cruise in a French Man-of-War Cumming 1882
A Lady's Travels Round the World Bridges 1883
Woman's World Tour in a Motor Car Fisher 1911

The World Displayed Bowen 1761
Voyage of Discovery Vancouver 1801
Voyages & Travels Delano 1817
Voyages & Travels v3 Hall 1831
Embassy to Eastern Courts 1837
Wandering Sketches Wood 1849
Cruise of the Betsey Miller 1858
The Monitor Hoffman 1863
Greater Britain Dilke 1869
Other Countries v1 of 2 WM Bell 1872
Meeting the Sun Simpson 1874
Trip Through Egypt, India, Ceylon, Australia
    Merewether 1874
Personal Reminiscences Robert Bennet Forbes 1878
Reminiscences of an Idler Wikoff 1880
North Star & Southern Cross Weppner 1880
A Roundabout Journey Warner 1883
Traveller's Tales Adams 1883
Letters of Travel Sanford 1887
Life of Adventure Laurence Oliphant 1887
Aboard a British Privateer Rogers 1889
A Social Departure Cotes 1890
The Far North Kane 1890
Wanderings & Wonderings Aubertin 1892
Letters of Travel Brooks 1893
Ramble About the Globe Thomas Robert Dewar 1894
Travel & Talk 1885-95 Hawels
Foot-Prints of Travel Ballou 1895
Goodly Frame the Earth Tiffany 1895

My Travels Shields 1900
On 2 Continents Taylor 1905
East & West Indian Mirror Spilbergen 1906
From Sea to Sea Rudyard Kipling 1907
Old World & Its Ways William Jennings Bryan 1907
From West to East Jerningham 1907
Voyages of a Naturalist Nicoll 1908
Tales of Travel Taylor 1909
Other Side of the Lantern Treves 1910
A Wanderer's Trail Ridger 1914
The Bonadventure Blunden 1920
Wanderings Curle 1920

Principal Navigations... of the English Hakluyt 1598
Most Celebrated Voyages Mayor 1796
36 Voyages 1799-1841 Coggeshall
Most Interesting Voyages Pinkerton 1809
History of Voyages & Travels Kerr 1824
Voyages to the South Seas Fanning 1838
Voyages & Commercial Enterprises Cleveland 1843

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TIME Magazine, April 14, 1947, p. 83:

CORPORATIONS: New Day for the Hound
    ...Soon Greyhound, world's biggest intercity bus company, will put into operation the first of 1,500 new 37-passenger buses, first Greyhound replacement since 1942. The new aluminum buses, designed by Raymond Loewy Associates and costing $38 million, are air-conditioned and contain such gadgets as a seat which is "shaped to the human form."

    By the peak of the vacation season, Greyhound, which intends to replace one-third of its fleet, will have hundreds of the new buses on its main lines. To help keep them filled, it has laid out some 200 low-cost tours around the U.S. Example: a six-day tour from Chicago to Washington provides five nights in hotels, sightseeing trips to public buildings in the capital, Washington Monument, Mount Vernon, etc. Total cost (excluding meals): $42.50

    Up With Hupp. This was a long way from the one Hupmobile with which Founder Carl Eric Wickman, whose sad eyes seem to be always peering through a windshield, started in 1914. An immigrant from Sweden, Wickman carried passengers on the dirt roads fanning out from Hibbing, Minn. Practically in at the birth of the bus business, his infant line grew by gobbling up his one-car competitors.

    In 1925 Wickman bought a small line operating out of Superior, Wis., owned by a young man named Orville Swan Caesar. The line was unimportant, but Caesar, a onetime mechanic's helper who liked to tinker, was not. Within a year he and Wickman were running Greyhound together and had laid the foundations of the present Greyhound Corporation. They kept on buying up other lines out of profits, kept their former owners to run them. When their cash dwindled, a Minneapolis banker, Glenn Wood Traer, joined forces with them. He persuaded railroads to hedge their own futures by investing in "the Hound."

    By carrying passengers cheaply (1½¢ a mile) and as safely as railroads, Greyhound has grown into a holding company which controls 19 transportation systems under the Greyhound emblem--Atlantic Greyhound, Pennsylvania Greyhound (50% owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad), Pacific Greyhound, etc. The systems hae over 78,000 miles of routes, six times greater than the mileage of any single U.S. railroad, do some 40% of U.S. intercity bus business. Last year the company grossed $174 million, earned a net of nearly $20 million, and paid handsome stock dividends of $3.20 a share.

    Though the Hound is already elephant-sized, President Orville Caesar, 54, plans to keep it right on growing. As Wickman is chairman of the board of directors, most of the Hound's care and feeding is up to Caesar. He now has in the works a $20 million project for new terminals, at New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, along with garages, restaurants and comfort stations.

    In addition, Caesar has spent half a million dollars building an experimental double-decker bus, the first for long haul express runs. Worked out with designer Loewy, it will be only 18 inches higher than present buses and no longer...